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lol i got a movie trailer ad

My 5 top shows of 2018: 5. Patriot (Amazon) 4. Babylon Berlin (Sky) 3. Happy Valley (BBC) 2. Patrick Melrose (Showtime) 1. Succession (HBO).

I love all of you


None of them tv shows looked good to me .. just sayin’ like

Dam, they actually paying someone to write crap like this? It's not the world running out of originality, its just Hollywood...

Let me in


Thumbnail is a furby on drugs The 2nd episode is really intense. Watch it!

other than killing eve every single one of these shows listed are so white and so male lmao why

loooks so raaad #JeffreyWright Nothing against the Skarsgard, but come on, the guy hasn't really ever picked a GOOD movie/tv role. Jeffrey Wright is consistently one of the best actors who has been in a LOT of great stuff in the past 20ish years.. Altered carbon should be much more than just an honorable mention! Sacred games should be on this list.... Just because it's not american series...U haven't given it name on list.... John Wick is back at it

5th Has Dennis Quaid had a face lift? Weird


Succession should be in top 3 not an honorable mention. Probably one of the best shows in a long time. Great acting and superb story.. Where’s Marlene On our site you can full movie In The Dark to watch online free in good quality HD 720 on any device, even on your mobile phone or tablet (Android, iPhone, iPad).. Looks good ... what was the song in the credits? Why does the little daughter have an English accent? why does the daughter have an English accent? can anybody tell me why in hell does the daughter have an English accent? can somebody please f* *** tell me why the daughter has an English accent?.





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